Date: Saturday, Sept 9th  Time: 6:00 PM  Venue: Booth Play House

Date: Sunday, Sept 10th  Time: 4:30 PM  Venue: Stage Door Theater


Indian-Americans are among the most successful communities in America. A culture built on a fierce commitment to education, family, community and entrepreneurship.

Through lively first-person stories, Remarkable Journey explores the 'pioneer' generation of Indian immigrants to North Carolina, as the world's oldest and largest democracies met here in the midst of the Civil Rights movement and beyond. These energetic newcomers helped fuel the expansion of opportunities in science and business in our region as they met the challenge of passing the "essence of India" on to their children.

With Indian music, dance, meditation, yoga, Buddhism, and natural, Ayurvedic medicine all having a growing impact on us here in the West - not to mention delicious Indian food! -- Remarkable Journey will offer a lively portrait of one of the world's great cultures - now our neighbors across North Carolina.

A moving story that explores the history, roots, lives and contributions of Indian Americans as they came to settle in North Carolina, over the last few decades.