Films & Documentaries

Objective: We look for film makers interested in cross cultural issues who have developed short films or documentaries on the cultural cross currents of the Indian Diaspora around the world. And offer a selected number of them a platform to present their work to a receptive audience of visitors to the festival.

For Participation and additional information please contact  

Program Lead: Rajive Tiwari <> Cell: 704-807-0799


Saturday, October 12th, 2019

5:15 to 6:30 pm

Booth Playhouse Theater

Mercy of God by Amartya Bhattacharyya:

A portrait with no words of the devastation caused by cyclone Fani in coastal Odisha. This film of heartbreaking beauty derives its power from its soul-stirring music and haunting images.


 Bebaak by Shazia Iqbal:

Unable to rely on her cash-strapped family to further her education, an ambitious and fiercely independent young woman seeks out a scholarship from a conservative Muslim trust. When she discovers that the money comes with strings attached, her liberal Muslim values will be put to the test.

 Daughters of the Polo God by Roopa Barua:

The state of Manipur is the birthplace of modern polo with men having played there for several hundred years. Now it’s the turn for the women to charge forward. A young polo sisterhood is developing in Manipur that ploughs on in spite of adversity and political turmoil. They are intensely connected to their sacred Manipuri pony and play an international tournament every year. The documentary short is a tribute to these polo players and the modern Manipuri women.