Short Films Screening

Date: Saturday, Sept 8th, 2018 Time: TBD Location: TBD


Darjeeling - A Celebration of Solitude by Amartya Bhattacharyya

The film explores the town of Darjeeling through the eyes of a poet who comes there to find solace in its mountains. He falls in love with a cloud who becomes his muse. A meditation on love and the city teetering between ecstasy and despair.

Santas Of Cochin

Santas of Cochin by Christon Joseph

A day in the life of two boys and their Santa on the streets of Fort Kochi

Men Derish

 Men Derish - Born Again by Aby Philip

Through imaginative symbolism, this film explores the human condition which plays out as a struggle between the risk inherent in our yearning for freedom and comfort that we seek in the familiar. 


Labyrinth by C. S. Prakhyat

 Karunya has long had a crush on Gautam. She finally decides to confess her love to him and she does not want to mess this up. She has only one shot at this. Or does she?

That Transient Interval

That Transient Interval by Parth Saurabh

 A house imparts its own character to its inhabitants.