Rhythms of India


This exhibit explores the rich heritage of Indian classical vocal and instrumental music. Indian classical music has a long and storied history, originating in South Asia over 6,000 years ago as rhythmic and melodic chants, and it has evolved into the complex art form we know today. As we all know, music encompasses three key aspects: singing, dancing, and playing instruments.

In this exhibit, we feature all these aspects of music, providing insights into musical genres, types of instruments, and the rich history of music in India. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to experience how some of the instruments work and have the chance to meet classical dancers and singers at the exhibit.

To further enhance your immersive experience, we will also be presenting an extension of this exhibit on stage, featuring an enthralling live performance of singing, dancing, and instrument playing. Please refer to the schedule for Belk/Booth playhouse performances for more details.

Music is a universal part of life, and sound serves as a canvas for vibrant stories of emotion and expression. So, come join us and enjoy this exhibit, with the hope of learning something new about Indian classical music as well!

NRITYA : 2000 Years of Dances of India


Dance permeates every aspect of Indian culture, from the sacred movements depicting the creation of the world by deities to the intricate choreography found in contemporary Bollywood productions. A glance at India's classical and folk dance forms vividly illustrates the remarkable diversity within them. At this exhibit, learn something about the ancient folk dances of India and their contemporary adaptations, that offer a glimpse into India's opulent dance culture. Also delve into their origins, historical significance, and the variations in dance forms in different states all across India. 

Indian Wedding Exhibit


Traditional Indian weddings are well known for their extravagant splendor and opulent celebrations, captivating the senses and leaving an indelible impression. From the lavish decorations that adorn the wedding venue, featuring ornate floral arrangements and shimmering golden accents, to the resplendent attire donned by the bride and groom, every aspect exudes magnificence. Elaborate rituals and ceremonies, steeped in centuries-old traditions, create an atmosphere of spirituality and sanctity, while sumptuous feasts tantalize taste buds with a multitude of flavors and delicacies. These weddings are not just joyous occasions but also a testament to the importance of family and community, as they bring together relatives and friends to partake in the festivities. The exhibit will offer a tiny glimpse into that and enable you to learn about and appreciate the beauty, traditions, and artistry that make Indian weddings truly unique.


A very sensuous garment worn by women, the Sari consisting of a length of lightweight fabric with one end wrapped about the waist to form a skirt and the other draped over the shoulder or covering the head. Come to this exhibit and learn how to put on this native attire that flatters any shape!



Turban Wearing

 The turban called dastar is a symbol of spirituality, holiness, and humility in Sikhism. It is also a symbol of honor and self-respect. The dastar also signifies piety and purity of mind. Come and get help wearing one and take a picture as a memento from the festival. 

Yoga Exhibit

Is a system of physical, mental and spiritual practices which have been traced back to pre-Vedic times (500 BCE) in the Indian subcontinent. Over the centuries, its practice has been adapted and assimilated by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. Today, its use has become widespread among the religious and the secular alike. Displays in this exhibit cover a wide range of general themes like history of yoga and its different varieties and also more specific themes, like chakra and yogic therapies. Yoga experts will be at hand to answer your questions.




Is the application of Henna as a temporary form of body art sometimes called Henna Tattoos. Come have your hands adorned with intricate traditional patterns at minimal cost.