The India Association of Charlotte (IAC) is a nonprofit, cultural organization established to serve the large Indian Community in and around  the Charlotte area. The goal is to help foster better understanding of Indian culture by the community at large. The IAC started as a small team in 1994; and has been very effective in catering to the cultural needs of over 4-5 thousand Indian families in the area. The IAC was established as an independent nonprofit organization in February 1995, IRS Registration EIN 56-1907586, and was granted a tax-exempt status in April 1999 under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service of the U.S. Government.

The core mission of the organization is to highlight and share the rich cultural diversity of the land of our birth with our friends and neighbors at large around the Carolinas. We also strive to educate the community about public policy issues of particular concern to our community.

The organization depends on individual and other voluntary contributions of time & money to pursue its mission and is guided by a volunteer board of trustees. Various activities sponsored by the organization are also accomplished by teams of volunteers. The organization currently organizes a number of activities during the year, with Festival of India being a very significant cultural event in the city.