INDIA ASSOCIATION of CHARLOTTE - Announcement of FOI Glimpses

INDIA ASSOCIATION of CHARLOTTE    Announcement of FOI Glimpses     11-02-2021

As we indicated in our Press Release of 8/23/2021, that after Charlotte Center City Partners decided to postpone all events under the Charlotte SHOUT initiative this year, we followed their lead and decided to cancel our Festival of India, that we had rescheduled for September 25, 2021 at the Gateway Village Uptown.

FOI is a sheer labor of love for our all volunteer team, and we have been heartened by the continuing support and encouragement of all our ardent sponsors.

Even though we were very disappointed, our team is passionate about our mission, and were clamoring to persevere, and they have been working hard on a virtual "Glimpses of the Festival of India" event, based on the theme of celebrating a very popular Indian festival called Diwali. We are delighted to present a video recording of that live event here at:

Hope you enjoy the video presentation and walk away with a tiny glimpse of our rich cultural heritage? In the process, we also take pride in keeping the spirit of Festival of India alive here, and are committed to continuing our annual festival Uptown, next Fall. We pledge to keep you informed as we start planning for that early next year, and will keep you updated with the latest on this website.

2021 FOI Chairperson

Jigisha Shah
Niketta Mittal


Amit Parikh 
Ashish Mishra
Ashrito Dayal 
Guna Kommareddi
Lal Vishin
Sushant Mehta 
Toni Sawhney


Guna Kommareddi
Manish Mittal

Sponsor Liaison

Toni Sawhney
Ashrito Dayal
Ambika Shymala
Priti Doshi
Sonia Peters

Public Relations

Arun Kallikadavil
Niveditha Sathyanarayana
Himanshu Gupta
Sudev Rajah
Manoj Ghangas
Shefalee Patel
Padma Balusu
Anu Nishar
Nirav Pandya

City Coordination

Ashrito Dayal
Toni Sawhney

Performing Arts

Manisha Kulshrestha 
Sushila Kallikadavil
Sneha Shah
Manoj Singh

Kids Art Corner

Tejal Kothari
Shweta Katakwar

States Exhibit

Gita Ghiloria
Neelam Jain 
Lakshmi Lakkadi
Srilakshmi Gunda

Other Exhibit

Special Exhibit

Kalindi Naik
Sudeshna Kumar
Zil Shah
Ruchi Agarwal

Mehndi, Saree & Turban

Indoor Coordination

Art Gallery

Rupam Varma 
Vidya Hari
Shefalee Patel 

Kids Art competition

Swati Yadav

Outdoor Coordination

Deven Thaker

Food Court

 Ashish Mishra
 Vinod Bhatt

Souvenir Bazaar

Bharti Agrawal
Poonam Singh

Asset Management

Sushant Mehta
Manish Mittal

Volunteer Coordination

Sakshi Kulsheshtra

Web Content Management

Niketa Mittal

Website Management

Rajesh Muthuraman