Festival of India spreads its wings to the Town of Matthews 

After two successful years of partnership with the Town of Matthews in their cultural diversity initiatives, we are excited to announce our 3rd Regional Festival of India @ Matthews. This is intended to be a one-day event in an open setting in downtown Matthews, with focus on live performances of Indian Dance forms in the Stumptown Park. Here are key details about the festival.

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2024, from Noon to 6 PM
Location: Stumptown Park, 120 South Trade St., Matthews, NC 28105
Admission: Free
Parking: Ample free public parking is available around the venue site.

The key components of the event include:

  • Dance performances
  • Cultural exhibits
  • Visual art gallery and kids' interactive art corner
  • Indian Food Court & Souvenir Bazaar
  • Henna Tattoos, Saree wearing & Turban tying

This event is organized by the India Association of Charlotte, in active partnership with the Town of Matthews, and is supported by grant assistance from the Arts & Science Council.

Key Contacts:
Overall Lead (FOI): Niketa Mittal niketamanish@gmail.com
Event Lead (Regional FOI @ Matthews): Manisha Kulshrestha mkulshres@gmail.com
Event Co-Lead (Town of Matthews): Melissa Johnson mjohnson@matthewsnc.gov


Key Information for Participants:

Registration for this event starts on February 6, 2024. To register, please contact the team leads as follows:

Please note that the FOI Website may not show the latest information or status about this event. For any details or questions, contact the event lead, Manisha Kulshrestha (Cell: 609-216-2485).

We look forward to seeing you all for a day of fun for the whole family in the charming setting of downtown Matthews!

2023 FOI Chairperson


Amit Parikh aparikh@carolina.rr.com 
Ashish Mishra emishra@gmail.com
Ashrito Dayal adayal@carolina.rr.com 
Guna Kommareddi gkommareddi@gmail.com
Lal Vishin clvsue@gmail.com
Sushant Mehta esushant@davidson.edu 
Toni Sawhney toni.sawhney@gmail.com


Guna Kommareddi gkommareddi@gmail.com
Manish Mittal mittalmanish@gmail.com

Corporate Liaison

Toni Sawhney toni.sawhney@gmail.com
Ashrito Dayal a1dayal@gmail.com
Ambika Shymala  Ambika.shymala@bofa.com
Sonia Peters speters@bofa.com

School Exhibits

Public Relations

Himanshu Gupta hgupta3@outlook.com
Krisha Chachra Kchachra@gmail.com
Nirav Pandya niravkp@gmail.com
Pearl Singh pearlsingh@gmail.com

City Coordination

Ashrito Dayal adayal@carolina.rr.com
Toni Sawhney toni.sawhney@gmail.com

Performing Arts

Exhibit Coordination

Manisha Kulshrestha mkulshres@gmail.com

Kids Art Corner

Tejal Kothari tokothari@yahoo.com
Shilpi Bansal Shilpi.bansal@live.com
Shweta Katakwar Shwetakatakwar@yahoo.com
Rinku Doshi Rinkooddoshi@yahoo.com

States Exhibit

Anuja Jain anuja@sjain.org
Tejal Gadani gadanitejal@yahoo.com
Shweta Hatwalne shatwalne@gmail.com
Gayatri Selva artandstash@gmail.com
Zil Shah zilshah914@gmail.com

Special Exhibit 1

Anju Jain Santvanajain@gmail.com
Vaishali Awale vaishalisa2015@gmail.com
Siji Sabeer Getsiji88@gmail.com
Nikita Panchasara nitasart@gmail.com

Special Exhibit 2

Babita Bhargava Babitausa@gmail.com
Preeti Raj Preetivilkhu@gmail.com
Neha Verma katarianeha882gmail.com
Ruchi Gupta drruchi.d20@gmail.com


Mehndi, Saree & Turban

Ruchi Agarwal (Mehndi) Ruchi72@gmail.com
Anju Mishra(Saree) mvp.mishra@gmail.com
Amar Pahwa (Turban) amar.pahwa@gmail.com

Art Gallery

Rupam Varma rupam.rahul@gmail.com 
Vidya Hari vidyasart@gmail.com
Shefalee Patel shefalee@yahoo.com 
Rupali Singh Rupali.singh74@gmail.com

Kids Art competition

Outdoor Coordination

Deven Thaker dthaker@netdoor.com

Food Court

 Ashish Mishra ashish@mishraarch.com

Souvenir Bazaar

Bharti Agrawal Souvenirfoi@gmail.com
Poonam Singh manojmsingh@yahoo.com

Asset Management / Indoor Coordination

Sushant Mehta esushant@gmail.com
Deven Thaker dthaker@netdoor.com

Website Management

Rajesh Muthuraman rajesh.muthuraman@gmail.com

Volunteer Coordination

Aparna Gopali aparna_gopali@yahoo.com

Yoga Exhibit

Rajalakshmi Selvakumar rajiselvakumar@gmail.com
Swati Kapse swati.kapse@gmail.com
Mahesh Dongare md19701@gmail.com
Miral Patel Patel-miralit2@gmail.com