Food Vendor Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

 What are the steps to register as a Food vendor?

  • Read and agree to all the vendor guidelines listed below.
  • Upon start of registration, send an email to confirming your interest in a specific booth as per the layout / or a given pricing zone. The Festival food team will revert
    back on email confirming your booth as per availability. This will be followed by instructions to pay the fees along with a PayPal invoice.
  • Provide all vendor information –
    • Business Name
    • Name of Responsible Individual
    • Address
    • Email
    • Phone Number.
  • Provide a draft menu of items that you intend to sell.
    • Note: The festival organizers would prefer cuisine that draws from different regions of India.
  • Booths will be assigned based on first-come first-served.
  • Once you have completed the registration and paid for the Booth and the security deposit, your registration process is complete and the Booth reservation will be in CONFIRMED
  • View, print, complete the mandatory Health Department TFE (Temporary Food Establishment) application form and the Rules and Regulations form, and mail it in along with TFE Fees.
  • Details about your Booth reservation and payment receipt will be e-mailed to you.

 Can a Vendor book more than one Food Vendor booth? 

Food Vendors, Restaurant Owners and their affiliate branches cannot book more than two (2) Food Vendor booths. It is the responsibility of the Food Vendors to declare their business interest and partnerships. Restaurant Owners cannot change their names and book more than two (2) Food Vendor booths. Such practices may be ground to cancel Food Vendor registration and forfeit registration fees.

 What are the opening dates for Food Vendor Registration?

Food Vendor Registration will open on May 30th, 2024 and is targeted to close on June 15th, 2024.

How do I know the cost associated with a Booth that I want to reserve?

The layout of the food tents and the associated fee details will be published. The payment needs to be done via PayPal within 2 days of the invoice being sent to you. PLEASE DO NOT PAY TILL YOU RECEIVE THE CONFIRMED BOOTH # AND THE INVOICE FROM PAYPAL.

How do I pay the security deposit during registration?

Security deposit will be collected in the form of a check along with other required documentation after the food vendor fees is paid via PayPal.

What is the TFE (Temporary Food Establishment) form for? How do I look at the kind of information needed to complete it?

It is a form mandated for all food vendors by the Food Department. Please click here to view the TFE form. You will need to print a copy, complete, sign and mail to Festival Lead for Food Vendors: Rahul Varma, 11615 ASHBOURNE HALL RD, Charlotte, NC 28277-1970.

You must also draw the set-up diagram in a neat and legible way, per sample shown on the TFE form, and attach it to your application. Also attach a $75.00 check payable to MECKLENBURG COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT, fee required by the Food Department.

What are the Rules and Regulations form for Food Vendors?

It is a form mandated for all food vendors. Please click here to view this form. You will need to print a copy, complete, initial each line, sign and mail to Festival Lead for Food Vendors: Vendors: Rahul Varma, 11615 ASHBOURNE HALL RD, Charlotte, NC 28277-1970. 

When do Food Vendors need to decide on menu items and prices?

Food Vendors will have to submit the final menu with prices by mail or email no later than July 26th, 2024. 

Can Food Vendors change menu items and prices before the start or during the Festival?

Food Vendors will be provided an approved menu with prices by Aug 7th, 2024. Menu items and prices cannot be changed after Aug 7th, 2024 or during the Festival. Any
changes to this are subject to penalties as listed below.

Can Food Vendors display their own banners and pictures?

Food Vendors will be provided with display boards by the Festival of India Committee with their approved menu and prices. In a rule change from previous festivals, the food vendors will be able to put up their banner within their tent space e.g, on the side wall or rear wall (not outside the tent). This should be done without damaging the tents. Any damage to the tent will be recovered from the security deposit.

Can Food Vendors use space outside the booth?

Food Vendors will not be able to cook, display or sell food outside the booths. It is against Mecklenburg County Health Department rules to cook, sell or display food outdoors in the open that does not have an overhead cover.

Can Food Vendors purchase additional space?

Food Vendors may be provided additional tents at nominal price upon request and availability of tents and space only after they have a confirmed registration.

Can Food Vendors cook at the venue?

Food Vendors will have to sell pre-prepared food items as this is a one-day event. Food Vendors can use hot cases to keep food warm but will not be able to cook at the venue.

Will there be electrical power available for Food Vendors?

Food Vendors will be provided with power outlets that will be powered by a Generator during the operating hours of the Festival. In addition, food vendors may bring their own portable generators as needed.

 Will Food Vendors trucks be allowed in lieu of tents?

Food Vendors trucks will be allowed at the Festival. Food Vendors with trucks will have to pay for the space and will be assigned spaces as shown in the layout.

Where can I find the layout of the Food vendor Booths?

Click here to see the outside Layout map

What type of payment options are accepted? 

Payments are accepted through PayPal only. You don't need to have an account with PayPal. You can pay as a guest using your Credit Card during the checkout process.

Do you have a refund/cancellation policy? 

Yes, please see the Guidelines below for our refund/cancellation policy. 

How will I get a refund?

In the event that you are eligible to receive the refund, the payment will be refunded through PayPal refund process, as long as it is within PayPal refund timelines (45 days). If PayPal refund is not possible, a check will be mailed.

What if I have questions that are not addressed above?

Please contact the Festival Lead for Food Vendors Rahul Varma at email:

As a Food vendor at the FOI (Festival of India), you are required to follow the following guidelines throughout the duration of this event.

  • Each Vendor registration with FOI is non-transferable. Vendors may not sublet or share their booth or any part thereof. Violations of any of these guidelines will result in vendor being asked to leave the Festival and forfeit all fees paid.
  • You will be provided a space as shown on the layout with tables and chairs as per the tent size. 10x 20 booths get 4 tables and 4 chairs. 10 x 10 booths get 2 tables and 2 chairs.
  • Sign of each vendor name will be provided by FOI. FOI will guide and provide overall direction for setup and coordination.
  • Vendor booth must be setup by 10:00 AM on Saturday to be ready for Health Department inspection.
  • Street closings are monitored by the City Police. You will be allowed to park near West Trade Street for the purpose of loading & unloading only.
  • All vehicles must be off the festival street site by 10:30 AM. This is enforced by police and after that time, any vehicles still on the street will be towed, at the expense of vendor/owner of the vehicle.
  • All day parking options are available near the festival site, at a number of parking decks, at vendor expense.
  • Vendor will be totally responsible for satisfying all license and tax compliance issues mandated by the state of NC, related to all transactions in your Booth.
  • City of Charlotte provides adequate safety during the festival. But security of the products in the booths is the sole responsibility of the vendor.
  • FOI date is reserved and committed with the City of Charlotte/Belk Theater a year in advance. A week before, we start monitoring the weather forecast diligently. But the festival will take place no matter the weather! We expect you to keep an eye on the weather as well, and come prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store for us during the festival weekend.
  • Security Deposit: A security deposit will be required before the booth is confirmed. This deposit amount will be $500 for a 10x10 Booth and $1000 for a 10x20 Booth. This Security deposit will be held by the Committee (till about 60 days after the festival) and used for penalties of any violations to the Rules listed below. Those penalties will be:
    • Vendor using space beyond the Tent space: $200 for 10x10 Booths and $500 for 10x20 Booths
    • Vendor changing or tampering with FOI printed Menu and Price List: $200
    • Vendor using personal banners outside their tent: $100
    • Damage to tent while putting up banners. Variable amount at the discretion of the Festival of India committee.
    • Vendor spilling trash and grease on the road and sidewalk after the end of the Festival. This will be a variable amount depending on how much cleanup is required and will be at the discretion of the Festival of India Committee.
  • Refund/Cancellation policy: We understand that sometimes things do not go as planned, because of factors beyond our control. Here is our refund policy:
    • PayPal Fees will be deducted from all refunds.
    • 70% Refund – If cancellation requested 30 days before the start date of the festival.
    • 40% Refund - Within 30 days of the start date of the festival.
    • No Refund – Within 10 days of the start date of the festival.
    • No Refund – if inclement weather disrupts activity on the street.
    • The Security deposit will be returned in full if there is a cancellation before the start of the Festival.
  • Food Vendor booths with already approved TFE forms, will be inspected for compliance, by the Health Department inspectors by 10:00 AM on Saturday of the festival.
  • Food Vendor must read and understand the Health department regulations and sign the document.
  • Per Health Department mandatory requirements, Food Vendor must follow all the regulations including, but not limited to the following:
    • Keep the food service facility in clean surroundings and maintain it in a clean and sanitary condition.
    • Use screens for protection of food against flies and other insects, and these must remain in place for the duration of the festival.
    • Protect food with glass or equivalent on top, front and ends. Food should not be exposed to the public or any other means of contamination.
    • Keep equipment thoroughly clean and maintain sanitary conditions at all times.
    • Provide 2 1⁄2 gallon water jug with spout (available at Walmart).
    • Provide hand washing facilities for their workers. At a minimum provide a plastic sink with bucket (available at Home Depot), soap and single use towels.
    • Make arrangements to heat water in a coffee pot that has a gravity flow flip faucet.
    • All workers must wash their hands after using Port John toilet facilities, located conveniently across the festival area.
    • Must have adequate refrigeration for perishable foods. Cold foods must be maintained at 45 F or below.
    • Must provide hot food holding units to keep potentially hazardous foods at or above 140 F.
    • Must have at least one stem thermometer (0-220F) to monitor temperature of all hot and cold foods.
    • Must store all foods and single service items above floor level.
    • All refuse should be disposed in garbage cans only. City will provide garbage cans located conveniently across the festival site.
    • Foods brought from an approved kitchen should be prepared, transported, handled and stored in a sanitary manner.
    • Foods brought from an approved kitchen should be clean, wholesome, and free from adulteration and obtained from an approved source.
    • Should make sure that vendor workers are free from contagious or infection disease.
    • Make sure that their vendor workers do not use tobacco, in any form while preparing, handling or serving food.
    • Must not change the menu listed in the online Registration form. Any major menu changes may result in vendor being asked to leave the festival and forfeit all fees paid.
    • Must provide all condiments including plates, cutlery, napkins, etc.
    • Maintain an accurate list of all workers, to assist investigators in the event of a food-borne illness outbreak.
  • You are expected to behave professionally with courtesy, in all your dealings with festival organizers, sponsors, participants and visitors. Violations of any of these guidelines will result in vendor being asked to leave the festival and forfeit all fees paid.
  • The decision of the Food Vendor Lead is final and binding. FOI leadership team takes all decisions, based solely on ensuring successful execution of the festival.

Vendor Liability

  • Vendor will assume liability coverage protection, in case of any damage, loss, harm or injury to its agents, employees or visitors at the festival event, and absolve Festival of India of any and all


Food Vendor Layout Maps

Download - TFE & Rules Form

In addition to completing the registration form, you will need to print a copy, complete and sign and mail in the Vendor Rules form & TFE form with a $75.00 fee to Rahul Verma. 

Temporary Food Vendor Application

TFE Checklist

TFE Permitting Process

TFE Commissary Application.pdf

Rules & Regulations Form