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  • 3rd Regional Festival of India @ Matthews 
    • Date: April 27, 2024, Noon - 6PM
    • Location: Stumptown Park in Matthews, 120 S Trade St., Matthews, NC 28105
    • For any questions contact the FOI PR Lead:
    • Himanshu Gupta <>, Cell: (704)-425-9866


Visual Arts

Festival of India provides a platform for artists to showcase their artwork done in different mediums. Our purpose is to encourage, enhance and promote art through local talent residing in Charlotte. We welcome beginning and experienced artists of any age, skill level and medium. A special section is dedicated to young artists to showcase their work. For more information, email

Live Happily Ever after
…and they lived happily ever after. The artists will explore this theme in Visual Art Gallery at upcoming Festival of India in Sep 2023 . Learning to live happily is an essential life skill. This pursuit of happiness can take place through a variety of activities – whether it be in sports, celebrations and festivities, meditative activities, photography etc. Let us find interesting ways to depict happiness and its pursuit through our visual art creations.